Eggnog and gingerbread cookies for Christmas (LK-021)

Ligia came up with an amazing Christmas recipe, another of her culinary masterpieces: raw eggnog and gingerbread cookies. This is the perfect two-for-one Christmas recipe, because it uses the same ingredients and the same process to give you two wonderful holiday desserts, saving you precious time during this busy time of the year.

This episode is highly recommended for those interested in healthy alternatives to traditional eggnog, which is loaded with unhealthy calories and fats.

Episode LK-021-EN-HD with Romanian subtitles
Released 06-12-2011

Bomboane gen “Raffaello” din nucă de cocos și curmale (LK-005)

In acest video veti invata cum sa preparati bomboane gen “Raffaello”, din curmale si nuca de cocos. Bomboanele Raffaello sunt un desert popular preparat cu ingrediente traditionale, dar aceasta reteta este adaptata de Ligia Pop pentru o dieta raw vegana.

LK-005-RO-HD with English subtitles
Released 09-01-2011