Suc din kale și vlăstari de floarea soarelui (LK-040)

Va prezentam un smoothie delicios de iarna din kale, mere, ghimbir si vlastari de floarea soarelui, preparat cu ajutorul storcatorului prin presare la rece Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer.

Released 06-02-2015

Murături probiotice, sănătoase și delicioase (LK-034)

In this new episode of „Ligia’s Kitchen”, you’ll learn how to make delicious, healthy, probiotic raw pickles without vinegar or preservatives. All of the ingredients that go into these pickles are fresh and organic and the pickling process itself involves no heat or vinegar whatsoever. Enjoy!

Released 10-09-2013

Raw vegan „fish roe” from chia seeds (taramosalata) (LK-033)

We’re excited to present a new episode of Ligia’s Kitchen where we feature a raw food alternative to a popular mediterranean dish, fish roe salad or „taramosalata” as the Greeks call it. It’s made from chia seeds, with water, lemon juice, salt, oil and chopped onions, and it’s absolutely delicious!

LK-033-EN-HD with Romanian subtitles
Released 14-08-2012